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At Pennington, our mission is to help businesses pursue constant improvement —we work to accelerate the performance trajectory of each and every client.

We do this by partnering with companies to sharpen and elevate their most valuable assets: their leaders and their teams.

To know how you’re doing, you must first know where you’re going.

For leaders and teams at the helm of transformation

Team forward.

Who We Help

Key Leader


Leaders charged with advancing and transforming their organizations and their teams have in their hands the most high-torque lever for success — and using it properly is critical to the success of the entire organization.

Top Team


Where we truly excel is in the challenging work of coaching teams to perform as a cohesive whole, to unify as a force that is greater than the sum of its parts.




We offer a suite of robust solutions aimed at helping organizations to understand themselves, optimize their operations and position themselves for long-term success.


We are collectively dedicated to the notion that optimal human performance is the most powerful driver of positive outcomes. 


Our team is composed of curious, energetic, humane individuals from a variety of backgrounds who are always seeking to bring out the best in ourselves and each other. So we go to work every day helping senior leaders across all sectors to push their limits and find pockets of opportunity.


The effects of our work should ripple outward, but mostly forward.


"Pennington brings authenticity, plain language, and a deeper insight. They see the world with uncommonly perceptive eyes. Pennington has the guts to take the conversation forward to where it needs to get."

“Our journey was visioned, planned and started with their direct help, and then nurtured through status checks to ensure we remained in alignment as a team and business. Our success was immediately recognizable and measurable.”

“Pennington brings a style where they show an understanding of the business and issues and a coaching approach to solving these issues both individually and as a team.”

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