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Who We
Work With

For leaders and teams at the helm of transformation

At Pennington, we work with leaders and teams from all sectors of the business landscape. Our clients are directly responsible for the health, growth, and evolution of their organizations. These individuals recognize that their own professional and financial impact rides on the impact of the leaders and teams in their charge.

Our clients are also notable for their willingness to do whatever is needed to achieve their desired outcome. To dig deep, to put in the time, and to ask the same of others in their organization.

Finally, our clients understand that the higher the stakes, the greater the need for optimal performance at all levels of an organization. Our clients see the work we ask of them not as a chore but as an opportunity, not as a cost but as a necessary investment  — as one of the most proactive steps they can take to ensure that their people will not only perform as individuals but flourish as teams as they drive their company to ever-greater levels of impact.


Clients & Experiences

Food & Hospitality

Healthcare & Health Services


Manufacturing & Industrial



Environmental & Natural Resources

Financial Services

Nonprofit & Non-governmental

Pharma, Life Sciences & Biotech

Professional & Business Services



Our Impact

Their work with leaders from all around the world is transformational.

"They’re really good at creating the moments and discussions in a pragmatic, and authentic way that gets through to teams—and importantly, individuals. Their ability to meet the team where it is and help them change the trajectory of their journey they’re on is part of their secret sauce."

“Pennington Human Dynamics are masters at helping individuals and teams to confront their issues and really step up as leaders. I was massively impressed by the step change in performance we saw as a result of their engagement.”

They’re a force multiplier for teams because of their ability to be there and be deeply relatable and deeply expert at once.


Some of Our Clients

Investor Backed Portfolio Companies

Public Companies

NGO / Not-for-Profit / Higher-Education