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Our Approach

Fit for purpose.
Fit for the future.

The world is constantly in motion. We believe that while the course may waver, the direction of that momentum is clear. We guide our clients to navigate today in a way that is fit for purpose and fit for the future. Our point-of-view stands apart from the norms of our industry — as do our passion for the teams we work with, our ability to customize solutions so they deliver real-world results, and the measurable difference we make in our clients’ financial performance.

Today’s most robust resources for realizing positive change and increasing impact? Empowered teams guided by inspired leaders. Because better teams beget not only better performance and better outcomes, but a better world.

In short, we are unlike any other coaching and performance optimization firm — and our reviews and our retention rate speak to the value of not only what we do but how we do.


Focused on increasing impact

Building Trusted, Proven Relationships

Our clients come to us for our expertise in helping their leaders and teams rise to the level of their potential. We connect with our clients because, like them, we are leaders in our field. We think, talk, and problem-solve in the same ways as our clients. And, like our clients, we are hungry to improve ourselves and our teams. Ultimately, our clients return to us because we are relentlessly focused on the constant quest for better performance — and we help our clients maintain that same level of focus.

A Team-Centric Worldview

We are unique in our industry for our dogged devotion to the team. While individual leaders tend to get the spotlight, we are firm in our belief that it is team performance that is the most powerful driver of business impact. The results we consistently deliver bear our priorities out.

We Are Straight Talkers

We place a premium on a quality that can be hard to find in our industry: straight talk. While we are supportive collaborators, we also believe that all leaders benefit when important discussions consist of honest truths plainly stated in positive, results-focused language. We ask the important questions. We have the hard conversations. We facilitate improvement.


Unleashing Excellence

Our Differentiators

Making The Most of Your Time

We respect the rare time and space leaders and teams devote to work on themselves — so we help clients cut through the clutter and focus on what matters.

Understanding Real-World Impact

We maintain an awareness that our efforts, and those of our clients, will inevitably influence the way real people live their lives — affecting individuals and communities beyond the board room.

Pragmatic Problem-Solving

We take a clear-eyed view of things the way they are, always maintaining the optimistic belief that there is no problem so big that it can’t be solved with the application of leadership, rationality, and ingenuity.

Custom, Authentic Solutions

We meet our clients and the puzzles they present with sensitivity, clarity, and resolve. We contend that nuance is a virtue. We see clients’ strengths and areas for improvements as equal opportunities. And we burrow deep inside client challenges so we can present authentic solutions that resonate from the inside out.

Our Impact

“I jumped in with both feet to be part of this experience. I was exposed to incredible humans above all else. We pushed each other to embrace our authentic truths. That crew will forever be part of my tribe. The Pennington Human Dynamics team is the real deal as my guides even today. Be ready to dig deep, be one with nature, and walk away reminded of your purpose and owning your life and career on your own terms.”

" They’re here to tell you what the issues are and how to solve them if you’re willing to lean in. They’re not magicians, but there is structure and it’s organic. They know how to get down to brass tacks, and when to sit in the silence. It’s like three-dimensional chess."

"They’re incredibly supportive. They’re incredibly honest. They helped us realize there is a different future for us. We transformed our organization. In the process, we transformed our lives as well. They were the impetus."

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