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Our Focus

To know how you’re doing, you must first know where you’re going.


While our efforts reach into many corners of a company's operation, at Pennington, we are all about the team.

In our view, optimally effective leaders enable teams to perform at their best. The most elite leaders recognize this. They realize that while a high-functioning team is the most powerful catalyst of an organization’s impact, the performance of the team starts with the leader. 

And so we allocate our services accordingly, applying our efforts and expertise across three main arenas.

Key Leader


Top Team





  • To see where you’re going, plot the right course, and avoid risky maneuvers, you need the right person navigating. We are experts in identifying those individuals best-suited to thrive in critical, high-stakes leadership roles — and in helping them get off to a smooth, productive start.

  • We provide insight-driven advice, counsel, and thought partnership to help leaders build teams that click, to shape their work — and lead them to succeed in the face of any organizational or industry challenge they might encounter.

  • We deliver programs and experiences that realize the full potential of your organization's leaders. We work with you to: identify your definition of leadership success; outline the goals, steps, and assessment metrics that will mark the path to it; and provide your future leaders with the coaching they need to get there.

Key Leader Performance

While we customize all of our solutions to the specific goals and needs of the individual, what we bring to every leadership engagement is our commitment to drawing out the best in those at the top of the house. 

Leaders charged with advancing and transforming their organizations and their teams have in their hands the most high-torque lever for impact — and using it properly is critical to driving results and the impact of the entire organization.

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  • We work internally and in collaboration with top executive placement firms to make sure that the teams in your charge are composed of people who are suited to the task at hand — and that the team has all the right pieces placed into the right structure to achieve your goals.

  • It’s one thing to surround yourself with talented people. But that doesn’t always mean they’ll work well together. We take a clear-eyed look at your C-Suite and other high-impact teams and apply our proven, high-impact processes to ensure that each group is optimized to function, create and problem-solve as a cohesive unit, at speed, and in pursuit of your most ambitious performance goals.

  • We have a reputation for taking on mission-critical, “must-succeed” sub-C-suite teams and elevating their performance.

Top Team Performance

Assembling a team and orchestrating solutions to help it perform at its peak is as much an art as it is a science. After all, identifying a group of smart people and putting them in a room is the easy part. Where we truly excel is in the challenging work of coaching teams to perform as a cohesive whole, to unify as a force that is greater than the sum of its parts. We are well-versed in both.

  • We apply proprietary methodologies to size up what’s working in a client’s organization and identify areas for improvement — so clients can develop a workplace where every team member feels valued, comes to work motivated to advance the company’s mission, and is set up to succeed.

  • We use a range of assessment tools and our own decades of experience to offer plain-spoken “reality checks” for key leaders, top teams and whole organizations. Our assessments are intended to enhance company-wide self-awareness, establish priorities, and spell out specific actions meant to drive improved performance.

  • We are spearheading an emerging discipline of Leader Quality Management — the framework surrounding a company’s efforts to create and activate a set of standards, practices, and processes for enhancing leadership in all areas of its operation.


Leaders and teams perform best when they apply their efforts within an equally high-functioning organization. At Pennington, we offer a suite of robust solutions aimed at helping organizations understand themselves, optimize their operations, and position themselves for long-term success.

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